Do The Arithmetic – We Can Win On Nov. 4

If We Get Off Our Seats & Vote

Vote for Rob Astorino & Chris Moss

Do the arithmetic — the numbers are on our side:

  • There are 15 million eligible voters in NYS — but less than 1/3rd vote
  • Gunowners cannot afford to be among the 2/3rds who don’t vote!
  • 6 million gunowners in NYS means there are more gunowners than total NYS citizens who vote (4.6 million in the last 2010 gubernatorial election).
  • Want your vote to make a difference?  This is the year!
  • No excuses — everyone must vote.

US News & World Report said:

“Astorino has the issues on his side … and Andrew Cuomo is even more out of touch than Mario Cuomo ….”  (July 14, 2014)  Link:



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