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Reviewer:  “Very well done.  Its impact is chilling.”

The badly named SAFE Act is unSAFE when it comes to civil liberties.  It denies due process to anyone targeted under the law. This is never mentioned by Governor Cuomo or most elected state officials, Democrat or Republican.

This video is offered in two versions –
4-minute trailer or short version…
8-minute or long version…
Listen to a citizen whose rights were violated by the SAFE Act – no notice, no search warrant, no hearing, no trial. His identity is concealed because he now fears his government and the medical system.  The long version contains more of the citizen’s testimony.
Read more at this link…

Short Version:

Long Version:

The video segment below was original broadcast on the Military Exchange Talk Show, hosted by Corporal Tim Thornton. Many thanks to Tim and his team.

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